AR15 Armorers Course - April 8th

Student will learn:

* Complete  Disassembly to Pins and Springs

* Reassembly

* Cycle of Operations

* Proper Cleaning and Lubrication

* Identification of Worn or Damaged Parts

* Parts Replacement

* Diagnosing and Fixing Malfunctions

* Aftermarket Parts and Modifications will be discussed


You must have a serviceable M4-style AR15 rifle for this class.  There is a took kit that you must have for the class, it is an additioanl cost.  You may purchase this kit through Hatfields for $185, please add the AR15 Armorers Course Tool Kit to your cart before checkout.  You may also purchase the same/comparable items on your own.  If you would like to purchase your own tools, we will e-mail you a tooling list upon registration.  

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