Black Hatfield Tactical Racker (9mm/40/357sig) - Version 2.0

The Hatfield Tactical Racker is a must have for the tactical Glock!  Based on the patented Hatfields design, the Hatfield Tactical Racker improves the operators grip on the slide.  Ideal for emergency situations, the Racker  can be "hooked" on a belt or boot heel, making it easy to chamber a round with one hand to get back into action quickly . The Racker is also ideal for anyone that has a difficult time operating the slide on a semi-auto pistol due to limited mobility, arthritis, etc.  The 2.0 Version has a slimmer profile then the original.  

The Hatfield Tactical Racker is machined from billet aluminum and anodized for a tough finish.  Fits ALL Generations of 9mm, .40, and .357 Glock pistols. 

The use of Crimson Trace laser grips does require a modification to the Racker - it is an additional $10. 


Final total will be on shipped invoice.   

Black Hatfield Tactical Racker (9mm/40/357sig) - Version 2.0
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