Remington 870 Armorers Course - May 20th

Student will learn:

* Complete  Disassembly to Pins and Springs

* Reassembly

* Cycle of Operations

* Proper Cleaning and Lubrication

* Identification of Worn or Damaged Parts

* Parts Replacement

* Diagnosing and Fixing Malfunctions

* Aftermarket Parts and Modifications will be discussed


You must have a serviceable Remington 870 shotgun for this class.  There is a took kit that you must have for the class, it is an additioanl cost.  If you would like to purchase the tool kit through Hatfields, please also add 870 TOOL KIT to your order.  This kit is $95.  If you would like to purchase your own tooling, we will e-mail you a tool list upon registration.

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